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The application and software management process is changing rapidly with the invention of advanced technologies and methodologies. It is important for a business to scale up with the change.
We provide with the service of Software Maintenance that includes optimization of software performance by applying advanced development, reducing errors and eliminating useless development.
The stage of software maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of the software over a period and no other aspects whatsoever can match the facilities offered by maintenance of software. .


We; at SEF; as Marketing Consultant; help leaders to create change that matters through meaningful growth transformations so that companies can deliver substantial value today and tomorrow. Our Work is transformative as Management Consultants; we facilitate our clients to achieve the results that redefine their industries.


Our Training Program SUWP® Managerial and Techno Managerial Work Based Corporate Training are initiated to bring about a Technical and Managerial Transformation across the industries, including the project management.

This Training Program intends to increase the skill level of graduates both technically and managerially to meet the burgeoning demands of the Industry. Our Training programs are strategically aligned with the corporate strategy to add real values to the organizations to achieve Business Development Goals.


Call Center set up have major benefits for businesses by taking large volumes of calls on a daily basis. Call Center acts as a major breakthrough in software industry by reaching out to many numbers of people through technology advancement.

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